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About Health Naturels

At Health Naturels, we drive ourselves on innovation. By keeping abreast with the latest and the best international developments and the roots of natural wellness, we churn out unique health and fitness products under our helm.

Health Naturels is a byproduct of two individuals who believed in the virtues of a holistic life. Embodying the beliefs of our founders Health Naturels emphasizes the harmony between the physical, mental and spiritual realms and the overall well-being of the human body. With this goal in mind they came together in 2015 to promote authentic Modern & Vedic Science at a universal level.

Director’s Note

The engine of ‘Health Naturels’ runs on the energy provided by co-founders Mr. Harman Baweja and Mr. Yogesh Sethi.

Mr. Harman Baweja, needs no introduction. Being a prominent actor in Bollywood, he is known for his drop-dead-gorgeous looks and business acumen.

“We majorly underestimate the role a smart supplement could play in our lives. Right from helping to focus and recover, it even leads us to fuel up the energy level, ultimately helping us grow. Where most of us consider a magic powder or pill to be more effective than supplements (which holds true too) we fail to understand the fact that supplements help achieve better results with minimum or no damage. The Health Naturel supplements are designed in a way to provide a health boost as well as a performance edge.”

Mr.Yogesh Sethi, is a Trailblazing Marketer and Serial Entrepreneur whose knowledge is backed by a management degree and an experience panning over 16 years. His team has revolutionized the health and fitness industry by launching many products in this category.

“It’s a competitive time for businesses as well as individuals to exist. This takes maximum toll on one’s health. How do we ensure we stay fit and fine? Well, by making sure we eat right! I, for one, have always believed in the virtues of health care solutions based on ingenious Indian Ayurvedic & Alternate Health Care Practices. At Health Naturels we provide this very solution, curated with cutting-edge scientifically developed and globally certified processes.”

Health Experts

Our health experts make up the ingredients to our success.

As Steve Jobs said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done and achieved by a team of people.” Likewise the driving force of Health Naturels is its dynamic and versatile team. A GMP (Goods Manufacturing Practice) certified facility enables us to provide superior quality products. These products are churned out through unique formulas and international standards R&D.


Celebrity Dietician

Dr. Eena

Ayurvedic Doctor: Retired Professor of Rajiv Gandhi Ayurvedic College and Hospital

Zarna Shah

Celebrity Dietician

If you are one of those who have awed and gone gaga over the recent weight loss of Parineeti Chopra, it’s this woman who was behind it all. Yes, it will be under her scrutiny that your body will become fit and fine.

B-town people like Akshay Kumar, Hrithik Roshan, Ameesha Patel and Harman Baweja too have consulted Zarna for getting a fit body! Don’t we all want a body like theirs too? So, here’s your chance.

Zarna has also appeared as a food expert on popular cookery shows like Health Maange More, Health Magazine, Becoming, Health Challenge and Flab Q. Her expertise is backed by Certification course in Sports Nutrition from the K11 Academy and PG Diploma Dietetics & Nutrition course from IHMCTAN Delhi University.

Coupled with an experience of being Head of Nutrition Department at K11 Fitness Management Company and a Senior Nutritionist at Talwalkars Mumbai, this expertise has grown over the years. Currently she provides her valuable inputs as the Head of Nutrition Department at Health Naturels.

Dr. Eena Sharma

Ayurvedic Doctor: Retired Professor of Rajiv Gandhi
Ayurvedic College and Hospital

When we think of any health related stuff, the first person who comes to our mind is a doctor. Keeping this in mind we have a doctor on board with us who can handle all your health related queries.

With this we even assure that your health is in good hands. How? By providing you with no one but the best, in the form of Dr. Eena. Her expertise is backed with an Ayurveda degree and a rich experience of having worked as a professor at a reputed college.